Multi-Use Event Space

Do anything you like - dance, wild decoration, live performances - anything. It is a large open space, you can create any vibe here! 

5 large rooms in a open layout, all spaces are available.

We also do photography and video production, and have a resident photographer/video tech if you need any additional services.  

Just give studio manager Tim Alexander a call, and come in for a tour of this very special facility. GREAT LOW RATES!

Large Main Room Front (¾ View) - With Black Privacy Wall At Entrance

Large Main Room - With Curtains & Tables For Wedding Reception

Large Main Room - Curtains, Tables, Flowers & Lights For Wedding

Large Main Room Setup - We Have Event Planners & Vendors On Staff

Large Main Room With Lighting - We Have DJs Available For Events

Main Room - A Great Customizable Space For Weddings & Events

Full Food And Drink Services Available For Weddings & Events

Rear Warehouse #1 of #2

Rear Warehouses #1 and #2 Combined With Rollup Door

Rear Warehouses #1 and #2 Combined With Rollup Door

Rear Warehouse #2 of #2

Cars Can Be Parked In Rear Warehouses #1 and #2